Information Literacy Best Practices in Undergraduate Education

Susan Ariew
Ilene Frank

Susan Ariew and Ilene Frank, Seminar Leaders, University of South Florida, Tampa Library. Tampa, Florida.
Voice of the Chat for October, 2010 sessions: Megan Sheffield, University of South Florida, Tampa Library.)

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Welcome to the Wiki for IL Best Practices Workshop. We have done both face-to-face and online workshops on Best Practices in Information Literacy and this wiki is designed to complement those workshops. If you would like to participate more actively in discussions about best practices in information literacy best practices, you can click on the discussion tab, suggest new resources for us to add to the wiki, and become a participant should you be interested in adding content.

Susan does an on-going blog for the College of Education here at the University of South Florida. She tries to include information literacy information for those faculty. Click Information literacy under "categories" once you get to
We will be adding some of her material to this wiki as well.

Getting ready for our BPIL workshop at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, April 2009

Notes from our NEFLIN workshop February 27, 2009:
We mentioned use of JING - free screencast software from TechSmith.
There is a version that you can purchase with a few more bells and whistles, but the free version will give you five minutes of recording time. Upload your screencast to their webserver for free also.
Here's an example of a screencast I did with no muss or fuss for a specific distance learning nursing student:
CINAHL - theory-based practice*

Another excellent TechSmith product which can assist you in making handouts, Powerpoints, etc.:

Archive recordings from October 2010 sessions for BPIL

http://connectpro86502729.na6. (10/13/2010)

http://connectpro86502729.na6. (10/20/2010)

http://connectpro86502729.na6. (10/27/2010)